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"Allow our students success stories speak for themselves. The proof about our product and service is in the student achievements."

"Throw out your
indicators -
they do not work!"

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Price Action is the ONLY way to understand market price charts, and the Areas of Excellence in this Auction. is the Only Place To Learn  

Hi Ace.... I just wanted to say thank-you for teaching me your methodology.  I feel now I'm finally on the right track to success.  With your system, the charts look clean and the strategy is simple yet very effective and most important very profitable.  I've recently retired and now retirement looks like it will be fantastic.  I'm done trading by 11:00 and ready to hit the links.  I've only traded the ES but sim traded other markets and the system works just like you teach us in class.  

Thankyou for all your help - Dave B.   2013

Ace...Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate AceTrades.  After seven months as a member, I can't believe I used to trade without the AceTrades system.  The training and signals you provide on a regualr basis have sharpened my trading skills and made them better than ever.  The new skills I have learned from the AceTrades system are nothing short of amazing.  I look forward to a long a prosperous relationship with you and the AceTrades system 

Thanks for what you do,  Brian   2013

Hi Ace....Just a short note to say thanks for your fantastic training!  I have spent years and A LOT of money on systems and indicator training---and nothing works like your keys!  I used to wait and wait and wait....for the perfect combination of several indicators only to get stopped out.  Now after only 3 weeks of your training-- I can see things so much clearer.  It's as if a light bulb went on in my head.  All those lagging indicators were just clouding my view.  Seeing things clearer also makes me more relaxed and makes trading so much easier.  I also enjoy the humor in your room!

Anyway,  just wanted to let you know that I am really happy that I joined and although I still have a lot to learn,  I am doing much better with your help than I was before.  

Thanks again,  Lane  2013

Hi Ace...Just wanted to share what happened to me.  There was a time when I thought volume was the main indicator of what was going to happen.  So I looked into VSA volume flow, Mk delta you name it.  It never worked well.  In the mean time I took a trial or two with you.  Often this volume bend I was on was exact opposite of what you were calling.  Like many other traders I was attempting to curb fit you into my current mind set and what others like you were doing.  Only mine did not work well but yours did.  I could maybe get a a point on some price bump but you nailed the top and bottom and got the run.  From a volume based method I moved on just a price action method.  Stopped looking at volume all together.  Price action worked a little better than volume but no great shakes.  I took another trial with you.  I noticed that you were competely differnt from the other trainers, no indicators just plain chart.  I now understand what makes the price action.  I  learned the key methods.  In fact you only need a couple of these keys in conjunciton to trade really well.  My friends ask me howbig my stop is and when I tell them 3-4 ticks they do not believe me.  However it is true.  This system has the highest probability rating consistently that I ever seen.  So 3-4 ticks is all that is really needed.

I was blessed to find this method, I wish I had done so a long time ago I would have saved myself alot of money on marginal training.  But more importantly I would have not filled my mind with a bunch of useless trading facts which I now have to unlearn .

Regards, Ernie    2012   

     Ace, Just a note to say THANKS, Your Acetrades system is awesome.  The accuracy is almost incredible.  It only took me 2 days of previewing your live trading room to understand the Acetrades system is the real deal.  I did not trade Eminis prior to signing up with you but now it is all I trade. Your system calls are spot on with a very high win percentage and large gains.  When the system makes a call that goes against us the stops are small and so are the losses.  Your live trading commentary is excellent and very helpful to open and close trades.  Training class is excellent and is helping me become more proficient at making the right calls from what the system is telling me about the charts.  

I recommend your service highly.  It has had a very positive effect on my brokerage account in a short amount of time. 

Regards, Brian H    2012

    Ace,  As you know I am an institutional trader who looks to volume based price action as you means to determine my trade setups.  To that end your methodology is helpful in developing my trades and my profitability has increased as a result of my training with you.


Pat (USA)  2012

   Hi Ace,  If anyone is not familiar with your trading room, they are missing the best and only mentorship there is.  You will learn to trade and catch moves everyday with actual mentorship.  It is like a breath of fresh air, finally a site that really helps you conquer the market movements.  Other sites give you ideas of trade odds enhancers, rules to find supply/demand areas and all kinds of tips to trade but to learn you need to follow someone actually making those successful trades on a daily basis.  The markets don't always obey these rules.

In Ace's room, everyday you will get the backup support to trade and make money (daily) by following a successful trader enter and exit the market.  That is how you learn, by doing with someone who helps you see how to do it live, catching daily market moves.

Ace asks that you learn about market action and how the markets move which by following this site you will learn in time.  Other sites are pathetic compared to the real thing here.  I am so glad I have found this room and look forward to continued success in my trading with Ace.  Thank you for the real thing Ace.

Kathy Sommer  -- March 2012


   Hi Ace,    I am very happy with your system and I find it one of the best programs I have been in.  I have spent roughly $150,000 on other  systems.  I know I am in the right place now.  Although I have not ha the success I would like to have trading it yet, I know that it is just me not being up to speed yet.  The keys are fantastic and I see them but i am always late to the party.  I know this will improve with time.  Thanks for all your help and support.

Jeff S. (Vancouver, Canada)  2012

     Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I am finding the ACE trading methodology easy to understand and execute. The system provides me with the framework that gives unambiguous signals with price targets in many cases before I enter the trade. I really enjoy the daily classtime, because it reinforces the various Keys, and they are easy to spot after only a couple of weeks in the program. I have traded for  many years, and this is the first system I have found that is so precise and allows for such tight stops.


 Jim K (U.S.A.)  


   Hi Ace,  I am very happy with your system and I find it one of the best programs I have been in.  Although I have not had the success I would like to have trading it yet, I know that it is just me not being up to speed yet.  The keys are fantastic and I see them but I am laways late to the party.  I know this will improve with time.  Thanks for all your help and support.  Simplicity is the winner!


Alan (USA)  Feb. 2012


   Hi Ace,  I just wanted to tell you that I love the simplicity of your trading;  enjoy your humor and easy going, respectful manner;  and best of all your system is often right on the money.  I like knowing when to enter and when to exit a trade and needing only small stops.

I've tried out other systems.  They were not nearly as simple and sometimes quite complicated.  At least a couple of the moderators in the other rooms were tense and very disrespectful, which made the room uncomfortable and worst of all the accuracy of their calls and teaching style were suspect at best.  Not all the rooms I've tried were bad, but Ace your room has got all the best qualities in aces.  Thankyou for putting this all together.

  JMG  (U.S.A.)


   Hi Ace,   I got a nice chunk of the short today.  Good calls- I was trading the ETFs.  Next time I will double with the contracts.   I totally enjoy your site and it is what I need to take the trades and keep in them.  I see moves and do not always take them.  You action helps me do more.  You get moves and stay away if it not moving right. Seems pretty consistent.  I plan on being in this room for a long while.  It gets better and better.

Kathy (USA)  Feb. 2012


   Hi Ace,   Just wanted to send a note of thanks.   As you know, I'm new to trading and just wanted to learn how to be a consistently profitable trader.  I have searched the web, looking for a good mentor, and found you.  Classes have been great and just after a short while, I have much better grasp of the ES market.  Your approach is truly amazing, easy to understand and execute, and I really like your tight stops strategy.  I hope as time goes on, I will be able to read the price action like you do so well. Thanks for what you do.

P.S.     Please don't climb on any roofs or do anything dangerous.

Steve D.  (USA)  Feb. 2012


    Ace,  Thankyou for 3 incredible months!!  Day in, day out, week in, week out---At last a complete no-nonsense approach that shows you how to look at the market and project exactly where the market's high probability price targets are waiting. Your key system education has produced consistent results to the tick!!!  I now have the knowledge and confidence to trade any market anytime.  You are  truly a gifted teacher,  thankyou for the pleasure and privilege of lifetime membership.

 Valerie   (U.S.A.)   April 2011  


   Hi Ace....I too look forward to a long-term relationship with you as well the continued learning I am receiving from the master...Keep up the great work!

Mike (USA)


   Hello Ace,   I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing your exceptional educational service.  Using your system,  I made four trades this morning of five contracts each in the S&P futures  (ESZ11), all of which were winning trades netting me after brokerage fees, $461.00.  At this rate, I'll have my entire Acetrades tuition recouped less than two weeks!  Furthermore,  I'll have my entire brokerage account investment (5 contracts X $1250 per contract = $6250)  recouped before mid-november.... and from there, as they say, it is all gravy.  And here is the incredible part...all this on just the second day of using your system!

   In a nutshell, your educational/trading system is by far, exceeding my expectations.  And I would encourage the fence-sitters to your program to get involved now and take full advantage of this outstanding opportunity as soon as possible.  Time lost is money lost. I wish you continued sucess,

Stephen. W.   Oct. 2011


   Wow Ace,  I've always thought the market behaviour was pretty complex even chaotic at times, but after studying your keys the fog has lifted.  For several markets that I trade, I can now look at a 1 min barchart with no indicators what so ever and have a pretty good idea of what could happen next.  Although there are some losses at potential decision zones, they are generally quite small compared to the runs that set up.  And the accuracy of your targets are incredible.  And these targets zones almost always provide counter trade opportunities.  Your class times are filled with simple clear examples not from some setup that happened two years ago but what happened this morning!  Pretty hard to argue with. So keep up the good work.  As Rick said, "Lois, I think this is th beginnning of a beautiful friendship."

Jim .  Oct 2011


   I was introduced to Ace Trades by Ninja Partner presentations where I was offered a 3 day trial in the live trading room.  I have been reviewing trading systems and black box products for years, with little success.  I knew after the first day in Ace's room that I was hooked,  but waited for the 3 day trial to end.  I could not believe the accuracy that Ace would call buys and sells,  many times to the tick in the ES.  Ace is a unique person who is dedicated to the education of his students.  My early trading disappointments were due to my not listening to his trades, but now I have the confidence in him and myself.  My only regret is that I did not hear of Ace earlier.  I am 69 years old and trying to retire soon, which I feel will now be reachable working with Ace.  He is one of a kind and the best.

Ken F.  Illinois  2011.


   Hi Ace,    I've been  trading with Ace for about 6 months now and I have to disagree with Ace's "quick note" on his website advising you to check out every other trading room first then come back and see us.  This should be the first futures course that you take.  I've been trading for about 7 years and futures exclusively for the last 4-5 years.  I've always been profitable but never to the extent that I desired.  So I spent 3 days on Ace's free trial and WOW I was impressed.  However after spending upwards of $50,000  on various trading courses, mentors and trading rooms, I decided to continue plugging along with my current "overpriced" knowlege.  Another 6-8 months of so-so results convinced me to ask Ace for another 3 day free trial.  Again I was impressed and decided to bite the bullet on another course.  Ace's concepts are easy to understand and implement, that is if your don't have $50,000 of mumbo jumbo floating around in your head from previous courses.  This is why I say it should be the first course you take.  It took me a week or two to understand what Ace does and learn his 9 keys, but it has taken 6 months to unlearn many "rules" telling me not to take one of his trades.  I could go on and on about my trading journey, but let me end with "Price is always right", so if your relying on indicators don't, learn price action from Ace.

Dan.  Lake Tahoe, Nevada  June 2011


   If you want to stop playing tag with the market and learn how it really works then you need to give Ace a good look.  He will opend your eyes and show you why the price moves like it does and why it turns where it does.  The Ace Trades approach to the market is price action only  will amaze you at its accuracy and consistency while avoiding all the lagging indicators you used to use.  There is a demo available so do yourself a favor and learn what Ace Trades can do for your trading.  Your approach to the market will never be the same after you watch Ace.

Ned J.    June 2011


   Hi Ace,   Love your key system and apex targets, your trading style is similar to mine. It's  a very nice fit!  I'm still trying to learn all the keys only been two days.  Great system, very powerful limo.  I should have enrolled years ago.

T. Murphy   March 2011


   Once again, I thought you were crazy calling 69 this a.m.  NO way I said.  Sat there stunned to see it stop @ 69 and to stupid to short, but I'm catching on.  (still had 69 marked from the other day) another 6 or 8 months I'll be a

Greg.  Oct. 2011


   Dear Ace,    I always knew there were true market masters, never did i believe I'd have an incredible 3 day free trial to witness incredible market calls firsthand.  Every call, everyday, was precise to the tick!  It was a no brainer, I was in the right place at the right time no longer bound by my leading/lagging indicators and frozen in analysis paralysis.  I have been in many different trade rooms, educational strategy seminars that always seemed to lead to less than stellar results, greater confusion and losses of capital, I'm glad those days are finally over!  In 72 hours you gave me the confidence to dive right in and not only trade the ES market correctly, but a greater opportunity to your mentorship program which has been a fantastic journey allowing me the priviledge to see exactly that there are no coincedences!  In only 5 trading days, profitability is an understatement!  You are a kind, gifted teacher - Thankyou! 

Valerie.    May 2010.                                             


   Hi Ace,  Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how good your system is working out for me.  I never use to trade the S&P mini contract, as I found it hard to understand the movements, but after just a coule weeks of daily one hour or so class sessions I understand the auction process and how to apply the keys to make consistant profits.  I have been trading about 8 years and must admit when you told me to get rid of all the indicators I had and just use clean charts I thought you were nuts.  Well I was absolutly wrong and can't thank you enough.  By the way I use the keys  system to trade crude and gold and just as you said, it works there just as well. (will try beans soon)  Thanks again Ace, really appreciate  it...

 JSB   (U.S.A.)   September 2010


   Hi Ace,  It has been over a year now since you have taught me the correct way to read the market auction.  I can't thank you enough for what you have taught me.  Your market interpretation has taught me how to truly read support and resistance levels and identify price targets.  Your teachings have taken my trading on a journey to a professional level.  With out your help I would still be one of those traders that is using indicators and trading very inconsistently.  Once again I can't thank you enough because you have literally changed my life both my trading career as well as my personal life

 Kevin   (U.S.A.)   September 2010


   Hi Ace,  Just a quick note to let you know how grateful I am to you for teaching me your methodology, and for your continued support.  Ace Keys methodology really delivers, day in and day out, provided one takes their time to thoroughly learn your methodology and practice it in simulated mode BEFORE commiting cash, so that one could really build confidence in this great approach.  I have personally traded your methodology on SIM for about 6 weeks now and have had only one losing day (with minus 3 points, which is very acceptable to me)

And to people still considering whether or not to take up the Ace methodology, I say this; guys, there is NO more upsells to consider with Ace, no upgrades, no Course 2,3,etc., and no further monthly fees to pay, including for the trading room where one practises Ace's methodology every single day, I mean, if you consider using any other trading room out there for 12 months- you would spend more just on the room monthly fees alone, never mind the methodology.  Once again , thank you very much Ace!  

Your devoted student,

 Lawrence J.   (U.S.A.)   October 2010 


   Dear Ace,  I am a new trader (approx. 6 months)  introduced to your chat room by a friend who is a long time & successful trader.  He told me that if I wanted to learn to predict market movement and targets that your the best source for that knowledge.  Your system has provided me with the framework that allows me to understand the ES Mini market.  The basics of your system,  the "Keys" are easy to learn and the daily class time reinforces the various Keys so that I can spot them under the pressure of live trading.

I  have been a small business owner for over 20 years.  If something didn't work, I could usually control the result in my business by working more, studying more, negotiating more, etc.  I am finding that with trading, as with my wife and teenage kids, that the "more is better" approach is not always the solution.

Learning when not to trade is as important to my development as learning to trade.  You devoted some class time to that subject just the other day.  I look forward to overcoming the overtrading obstacle, with your help and direction. 


 John W.  (Atlanta)  January 2010


   Your approach is superb in it's simplicity.  The lack of lagging indicators has increased my success rate tremendously.  No more waiting and hoping.  I know within minutes whether the trade will go my way and if it doesn't then the miniscule stops get me out.  The beauty of being so close to the tops and bottoms takes so much guessing out of it that I hardly ever get stopped out anyway.  A lot of techniques try to jump on a trend and catch 70% of the run.  I much prefer the Acetrades way of getting in at the turns and riding them for much bigger gains.  It's truly the easiest approach at trade management I have ever seen in my 12 years of trading.  Thanks a lot! 

 Russell.   (VA  U.S.A.)  April 2010


   A big thank you for finally helping me understand Market Structure and how to trade successfully.  After buying so many other courses and continually losing money, you've finally shown me how to decipher price action and 'key' strategies that are exact and work under any market condition.  I would recommend this course as the No. 1 course to purchase; and it will also be your last as everything you would ever need to trade with precision and having an incredible coach to lead the way.

 Patrick.   (Australlia)   May 2010


   Dear Ace,  A long time and successful trader asked me if I would like to know where the market is going before I entered a trade.  Of course, I said yes.  He told me if I wanted to predict the market, then I needed to learn to read charts--and that ACE TRADES was the best place to learn.  I have learned and continue to learn and be reminded of the keys to your system in the daily classes.

Trading can be a lonely business,  but Ace's commentary during trading sessions and class sessions keeps me alert and in a positive frame of mind.  I think state of mind is the one of the most important elements for successful trading.

 John W.   (U.S.A.)   April 2010


   I am learning so much from this system.  I am amazed how accurate it can be.  This has improved my odds of winning and being on the right side of a trade.  I bought the course in June 2010 and it has been 3 months with great anticipation of market learning.  This is worth the price of admission and Ace knowledge is very great.  I really enjoy the class that we have and what he is teaching brings out what market bias direction.  I made 6 points today 9/3/2010.  What I learned from this system and great classroom teachings I was able to "see" what was happening and get more profits and stay in this particular trade longer and succeed.  I was very impressed.  6 points--Thank you so much Ace!!  Low risk,  High probability in the 90% is very good odds.  I will be looking for great signals and more class time.

 T.L. Washington  (Arizona)   September 2010


   The market is TERRIFIC, thanks to you!  Every day (well, maybe 1 - 2 days/month is an exception), so 99% of the days the SP is treating me kindly,  I am FOREVER grateful to you for your priceless teachings, that's why I don't even bother coming into the room any more...So you can give your undivided attention to the new guys who are just starting out with you...(Like you used to say to us in the room: "Same S-t - Another Pile").  This is almost getting predictably boring, but you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way- I will never ever trade any other way, because what I've learnt from you might not give me a daily adrenaline rush and palpitations (like I used to get before I learnt your methodology),  but at least I am profitable 18-19 days out of every 22 days EVERY single month!  So I guess I'll leave the "adrenaline rush and buzz of trading" to all the newbies and rather trade professionally, just like you taught me, predictably and WITH NO NERVOUS TENSION at all!! I wouldn't have it any other way Ace! 

Yours faithfully and forever grateful student,

 Lawrence J.  (U.S.A.)   January 2011


   Hi Ace,  I've been a member for a couple of weeks and I'm now beginning to apply the patterns which enable you to both identify and anticipate high probability trading levels and profits targets rather than second guessing or chasing the market.  These methods are demonstrated and traded daily in live markets which help to reinforce the methodology and invariably lead to porfitable trades within first two hours.  I am therefore pleased to recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning to trade. 

 Ian  (U.S.A)   November 2009 


   Ace,   A couple questions.  First, what is the best way to communicate, Email, Paltalk etc.  The other questions have to do with today's class.  You mentioned how you determined bias for the day but I didn't catch it.  Also when you talked about key 2 and key 7, am I looking for key 7 in bias up and key 2 bias down days?  Things are starting to fall into place and I am starting to see why you call the trades when you do.  It is amazing that in just a short time I have gone from 3 or 4 indicators to none.  The best part is when I look at the old indicators it feels like reading yesterday's news.  It's all past tense.  Thanks for shining the light on REAL trading. 

 J. Ned  (U.S.A)  June 2010


   Hi Ace,  Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you.  I know we pay "tuition" to get into your membership but I just wanted to say thanks for your time and the passion and willingness you have to teach us the correct way to read and understand the price auction.  I can trade this program successfully on my own, but i like the everyday entertainment you provide in the room.  You have literally transformed my trading and I can't thank you enough.

 Kevin   (P.A.  U.S.A)  June 2010


   Hi Ace,  I just want to take time to tell you my impressions of the Ace Trading Course after the first 4 months of membership.  I was skeptical at first when you told us to throw away the indicators.  Then I considered my own trading experience and how often I entered a trade based on an indicator and watched as the market folowed a path completely opposite to what the indicator predicted.  Even when the trade went in my favor,  I felt like it was just a matter of luck.  After trying several indicators to help clarify the direction of the market, I have come to realize that the simplest and purest way to follow the market is by observing price action, which is exactly what your course and method of trading is all about.  The class time each day before the market opens and again reviewing trading action from the morning really helps to bring a trader up to speed using your "Keys" to the market.  Thanks again for going over the basics with us day in and day out to instill confidence that will allow us to trade on our own when we are ready.  I look forward to many profitable days ahead.  This course is probably not for everyone, but I'm sure glad I found it!

 Jerry   (FL  U.S.A)  August 2009


   I have been trading with Ace since February, 2010.  For the first time in my trading career, I am now profitable.  I am still learning something new every day.  Ace's proprietary method of determining market direction ahead of a move is astounding.  He is right on 90% of the time!  After wasting a year and a half, and many thousands of dollars in various schools, classes, and seminars learning mostly worthless information, it is a pleasure to finally find someone who actually knows what he is doing.  It will probably be the best investment you will ever make.

 Mike D   (FL  U.S.A)   August 2010 


   I am new to day trading- no prior experience whats so ever.  A friend was telling me about one of his friends who was doing day trading and it sounded interesting.  He gave me the name of Ace Trades and I went online to chech it out.  I attended two of Ace's free 3 day demo sessions and took detailed notes.. Ace's calls were spot on!  With that to convince me I signed up for the lifetime membership at Ace Trades.  I was flooded with data & tools that quite frankly, took a couple of weeks to digest.  The training classes use a language/vocabulary that was new to me and had to be learned.  Ace has been very patient in helping me understand those things I did not understand as well as explaining his tools.  His methods seemed quite complex and a little difficult to grasp for a novice like me but as I have learned further about them in class, I am amzed at the detail and pin point accuracy of his calls.  Bottom line, to date  Ace's calls have been 93.3% accurate!  There was one class member that, by following Ace's calls, had a complete month with no loosing days!  I still have a lot to learn but I am sold on the Ace method of calling the market.  Thanks Ace!

 JJ   (U.S.A)   November 2010 


   Ace, I've  never been so confident about my trades. No trading plan is 100% but my odds of winning have greatly increased since joining you and your group. Before joining I did alot of praying and hoping soon after putting on a trade. Now soon after putting on a trade I am moving my trailing stops and happy that the trade will be profitable. The most important thing you have taught that has helped is patience, patience to wait for that higher probability trade. It definitely swings the odds in my favor. Thanks alot!!

  Russell  (virginia , USA)  Feb 2010


  Ace, I have been using your method for a month now, and already I am able to see the market set up in advance where it is likely to go. Also having target areas keeps me from getting out too soon. It is refreshing to not have so many indicators all over my charts that don't work. Equally amazing is to see you call the set-up ahead of time and hit the trade with such accuracy. I am learning more every day, but even after just a few days I was able to read several of the key areas. Thanks for all of your guidance and mentorship along the way. your method identifies a move way before any lagging indicato does, and is so different than anything else out there. I AM GLAD I FOUND ACETRADES!

  J Evans  (Ca. USA )  Jan 2010 


  Ace, Since being introduced to the Ace Trades System. I have been able to pinpoint the highs and lows of the market with amazing accuracy. having this ability has reduced my risk on trades enormously. This system works on any market and any market condition and will suit any trading style. The ongoing training and support and live market calls are second to none. The Ace Trades System works day in day out with amazing accuracy and profitability. There simply is nothing else out there thats comes close.

George G (England) Jan 2010


  Hi Ace, As discussed earlier today please find the comment so far on your course. ...I've been a member for a couple weeks and I'm now beginning to apply the Keys which enable you to both identify and anticipate high probability trading levels and profit targets rather than second guessing or chasing the market. These methods are demonstrated daily in live markets which help to reinforce the methodology and invariably lead to profitable trades. I am therefore pleased to recommmend this course to anyone who is serious about learning to trade.

 Regards  Ian (England) Oct 2009


  Hi Ace, Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you. I know we pay "tuition" to get into your membership but I just wanted to say thanks for your time and the passion and willingness you have to teach us the correct way to read and understand the price auction. I can trade this program successfully on my own but i like the everyday entertainment you provide in the room. You have literally transformed my trading and I cant thank you enough.


Kevin ( PA USA ) Feb 2010


    Hi Ace, I just want to take time to tell you my impressions of the Ace Trading Course after the first 4 months of membership. I was skeptical at first when you told us to throw away the indicators. Then I considered my own trading experience and how often I entered a trade based on an indicator and watched as the market followed a path completely opposite to what the indicator predicted. even when the trade went in my favor, I felt like it was just a matter of luck. After trying several indicators to help clarify the direction of the market, I have come to realize that the simplest and purest way to follow the market is by observing price action, which is exactly what your course and method of trading is all about. The class time each day before the market opens and again reviewing trading action later from the morning really helps to bring a trader up to speed using your " Keys" to the market.. Thanks again for going over the basics with us day in and day out to instill the confidence that will allow us to trade on our own when we are ready. I look forward to many profitable days ahead. The course is probably not for everyone , but i'm sure glad I found it!

Jerry USA (August 2009)


  Ace, I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge of the markets. I have tried many, many other programsnand you are not just marginally better than anything I have come across, it's not in even in the same seague and that is as sincere as I can be. I just wish I had found you much earleir, but I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much, lol. I have had dome success in the crude mkt, but was about ready to give up on the ES.     I have to work and so I leave for the office in the morning and am not always here or have to leave early for the training sessions, but I feel confident that over time that won't be a problem. Anytime a potential purchaser would like a reference, please feel free to send them my way.

 Thanks again and have a great rest of the day and weekend.

 Ben B  USA  (August 2009)


  Dear Ace,  I am a trader ( approx 6 months) introduced to your chat room by a friend who is a long time & successful trader. He told me that if I wanted to learn to predict the market movement and targets that you were the best source for that knowledge. Your system has provided me with the framework that allows me to understand the market. The basics of your system, the "KEYS" are easy to learn and the daily class time reinforces the various keys so that I can spot them under the pressure of live trading. I have been a small business owner for over 20 years. If something didn't work. I could usually control the result in my business by working more, studying more, negotiating more, etc. I am finding that with trading, as with my wife and teenage kids, that the "more is better" approach is not always the solution. Learning when not to trade is as important to my development as learning when to trade. You devoted some class time to that subject just the other day. I look foreward to overcoming the overtrading obstacle, with your help and direction.

  Thanks John W   Atlanta USA  ( Jan 2010)


Good Morning Ace!!

   I am pleased to report that in my first month as a member of Acetrades, I was able to develop a written trading plan focused on risk management. Your Ace Key trading system , class time and live calls each day in the S&P Emini's has eliminated the "Fear Factor" in my personal trading. It was always easy to enter the trade but hard to stay with a winning trade. "Now I Can"

Thanks Ace !

Larry S  Tehachapi,CA

June 2009


Hi Ace ,Just wanted to thank you very much for all you have taught me in the 2 months I have been a member. I have tried other courses and many books that are advertised on the net,but nothing has given me the know-how of trading as you have. We usually get the high and low of the day, so if we get stopped out occasionaly we soon make it up plus much more. What I love about your course is that I am now able to pick the high or low of the day myself, even when you are not around. Many thanks again.

Regards,  Linda (South Africa)  10/04/2005


   "It has been great success for me to trade with you. I have improved my trading to the level where I have not had loosing day for
just over one month. Your technique for support and resistance are 0ne or two ticks away from the numbers or most of the time right on the numbers."

Best Regards,
Mike A  2006


   Hi Ace, I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed my first couple of days as a member. ou teach the material in a way that is easy to comprehend and I hope it does not take too long until I can put it to use in my daily trading. After only two days the "Keys" are already easy to spot. Also, was there any particular information you had in mind about trading psychology you could share as I think I might benifit from something like that.

Thanks Again Jim K  (USA) 2009

  Ace, Thank you so much for your tuition and encouragement for trading the ES market. It was a revelation for me to gather information from a chart with no indicators whatsoever. At first it was rather unnerving but it really works! With the accuracy of your entries and, crucially, your very tight stop losses and money anagement, I found I was able to trade in a confident and relaxed manner - a new experience for me. Again, thanks and good health!
Quixotic U.K.  2007


Hi Ace!

Just wanted to drop you a line about your method. In the couple of years that I have been trading , it seems I have come full circle in my application of technical market analysis. When I was a beginner, I first learned about support and resistance,,Then the whole gambit of indicators, I have used them all with less than stellar results! My first broker told me to forget every thing but support & resistance! Well here I am, Back to support & resistance! I find that your method gives a consistent way of finding the key daily price ranges, and an objective view as to when, and how to find them!  However, this is only part of successful trading! Money management, and attitude are at least as, if not more  important in proper use of market information! With the consistency your method brings, I can now focus on the others.

Keep up the good work!

Ken..San Diego    12/04/2005


   I Have been trading with ace for about 2 Months now and for the first time in my trading career (about 2 years) , I am profitable. Prior to working with Ace I used CC1, Stochastics, moving averages, pivot points and a host of other indicators with little success. Now I feel that I am beginning to understand the market and can trade with a knowledge of where the market is likely to go. Ace,s keys tell me what the market wants do do. I dont get in too late or out too soon.  Ace has been an excellent mentor, although his methods are different than any I have encountered prior to joining his group, I would reccomend him to anyone who wants to make their trading profitable. I still have much to learn but now I am making progress every day . Thank you Ace.

Grady G , Phoenix , AZ June 2009


   Hi Ace,    Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent teachings. I am only with you for a week and a half but already know your way of trading extremely well. I have had extensive chart reading classes and spent many hours in front of the screen but your way of teachings has shown me a whole new light on the "ART" of chart interpretation. You have shown me that price targets do exist and how to stay in the trade to the signals full potential. We had a rough morning this morning but thanks to your teachings I was able to read the charts on my own this afternoon and turn my day into a fairly nice profitable day. I was able to finish the day off with 2 of your excellent "Key 2" setups and targets.  I took the first Key 2 for 5 points and watched another Key 2 target develop and ran that one for another 8 point winner.

Thank you  Kevin ( USA) June 2009


   Hi Ace, I am writing this letter of recommendation for your site simply because the methods taught work. I have been around the markets for a while and never liked or trusted any indicator and stopped using them altogether . I lacked the necessary skills and more importantly knowledge to interpret what was  in my charts right in front of me every day .  Now after being a member for 3 months I am a much more confident and profitable trader with support during class every day.   The Ace "Keys" taught are all good although I can trade quite easily using only 4 of them which are easy to pick up, and keep me on the right side of the trade a very high percentage of the time. The "Key 2" is the diamond for me and I now realize why my profits were always considerably less then they should have been.    Ace makes the class easy to understand and his live signals every day are outstanding. I am now perfectly capable of generating my own signals with success which I do as I am 13 hours ahead of North America.  This method works with any market where there is movement, its not Magic its right in front of you when you know what you are looking for .           

Paul S   (S.E Asia)  June 2009 


After taking the decision to look into the trading world, I visited hundreds of web sites, entered dozens of rooms that presented trading webinars, in search of knowledge about stocks, bonds, options, futures, fundamental and technical analysis, interpretation of charts with deferent indicators and anything related to trading. The last room I entered was AceTrades and when Ace challenged me, just like he challenges all those that may came across a little or very skeptical, I could smile, because I was for the first and only time, one step ahead. "Been there," I said quietly, "so let’s listen carefully, he might have a point worthwhile considering".

Just like in trading I gave Ace a chance to prove his point and after witnessing for three or four days consecutively, his accuracy in calling all sort of trades, I decided that, not only I had to join, but that I had to share what I knew with one of my best friends that started learning the trading business at about the same time I did.

We both joined and talking for myself, I must express my amazement at how something so simple is so consistently effective. Starting with the name, there is no better three letters, i.e. A C E, that could possible describe as well, the standard of AceTrades methodology.

The Ace of hearts in the logo is no doubt fitting, considering how important a system like this can be to traders, considering the role of the heart in animal life. Should I be asked however, to add something to this logo, I would possibly embed it into an Ace of shinny diamonds, because the system is simply B R I L I A N T !

Tony S ,       April 2009


   For more than ten years, I have been trading Stocks and Commodities. In that time period, I have reviewed many trading programs, attended numerous seminars, bought countless books, and hired several mentors; only to experience limited success. Most of the aforementioned programs utilized the same means of technical analysis and indicator application. This is where the Ace trading program is different. Ace’s market breakdown and trading guidelines, developed from years of price action analysis, are unique. Nothing I have seen compares to indices trading with Ace’s methods. Utilizing only price action and market structure, the approach is systematic, easy to understand, and incredibly effective. Ace eliminates the excessive "noise" and reduces the market to its purest form – a price auction of supply and demand.

Based upon my personal training experiences, I can honestly say that by using Ace’s training program and trading techniques, you will learn to trade successfully with a high degree of consistency – generating steady profits everyday. As a dedicated mentor, Ace provides the necessary one-on-one support and help that is needed to further develop one’s own style of trading in becoming a full-time trader.

If you are serious about trading full-time, this program will change your life!

L.R. Thomas, Indiana   ( April, 2009)


I can only advise those that are interested in day trading the E-minis that you owe it to yourself to at least buy into Ace,s demo will be absolutely amazed as he consistently calls entries and price targets, there are not lots of so-called lagging indicators for you to interpret... just price bars and price levels that lead you in the direction of the pending trade...Ace is genuine and does not pull any punches... as a mentor and teacher he touches all the bases...his approach is uncanny to the like of which i have not witnessed before in my many years of searching for a simple approach to " bringin home the bacon"... I think you will find as I have that becoming a member will yield results that consistently put cash into your what are you waiting for ... get on board and ride the Ace train.

JLO....ohio     March 13,2006


       I've been a member of the AceTrades room for almost 2 years. When I first heard about the +10 Pts per day ES Claims, I was skeptical to say the least. It didn,t take long after I sat in on a few Ace demo,s to learn how wrong I was.Some days were +20 pts. Simply Amazing. I had been trading since March 2000 with thousands of hourse of study, fundamentals and technical analysis from A to Z. Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Slow /Fast Stochastics, you name it. With all of that I still wasn't profiting the way I felt I should be with the effort I Was putting forth into my trading. Ace Trades Changed all of that. I took the course, Threw out all my indicators, and now i am a profitable full time futures trader and a lifetime AceTrades member. Thanks Ace for changing everything.

Jim N.  Texas ( Jan 17 ,2006 )

Ace thanks in advance, while trying your free week trial and only paper trading your signals, as you know i decided to try your signalsfor one month,only to be more impressed by your calls, first week again I only paper traded for +22 pts. (xmas holidays came in) second week I worked with real money +53 pts , third week withe real money +62 pts trading only 4 contracts with the signals you gave. Needless to say I am converting to your full course. Im not new to trading and have looked at alot of systems. I have to say you make it seem simple, and it makes money. Im looking foreward to joining you .... again thanks.

Gary C   USA    ( January 20,  2006 )


   Ace your view of the markets makes the chaos look so simple and clear. Consistent large winning trades and money management techniques for the tiny loosing trades amouns to the absolute best trading techniques availiable, bar none. Anyone who takes the time to learn your way of reading the market will be rewarded far beyond their expectations. Thanks for your help.

Patrick R     Pensylvania State    ( January  19, 2006 )


  I,ve been a member of the for a month or so now and im totally amazed at the accuracy of Ace's calls. His market inerpretation is right on the money time after time. Further his 1 pt risks precludes and big losses, I've participaed in many chat rooms with self proclaimed Gurus and they can't hold a candle to Ace. If you really want to learn how the market works, much less be profitable wile learning, then is the only place to be.

    J.S  San Diego , CA   ( January 31, 2006 )


   I have been trading for 8+ years .  I have studied, and analyzed and utilized every type of indicator (stochastic, macd, MA,RSI,CCI, etc...) as welll as participated in multiple trading rooms. While i have had some successes, it has never been consistent. I stumbled onto Ace yet with much much skepticism because of the years of trying to be successful and failing. Once I got on board with Ace's methodology, I was quickly able to put it to work. Now I trade with absolutely no lagging indicators whatsoever and no fear/emotion by simply using Ace's 8 keys. I have never achieved as much consistency as I have with Ace. Even on the days where I might get dinged up a bit, I am always able to trade back into the profit zone. His money management is also very effective. Thank you Ace for everything you have done for me.

Garry SB , Illinois(March 16, 2007 

I can't tell you how much your teaching has helped me win in the futures market everyday. I am amazed at how well you can read the market and how you taught me to read the market. I've thrown out the indicators! I prefer to know what the market is going to do, not let an indicator tell me after the fact. After three years of hit and miss, I now have the confidence to take a profit out of the market each day, thanks to your training. I will never be able to thank you enough.
Nancy R


   Dear Ace, I have only been in your room as a paid member for apprx two and a half weeks, and you have already opened my eyes to "seeing  the markets without any indicators ". I have became profitable during this short time as well. That's the best part !    I look foreward to learning it all in the next few weeks or months . I have traded the emini's for 5 years now using everything from moving averages to so called " trading systems " costing me thousands of dollars and hours of useless methods that never produced any consistancy. Your method is what i had always hoped for , but never thought was possible. I thank you again for sharing your valuable lessons with me , and I look forward finally to a rewarding trading Life!

Brian A    Los Angeles , California (Nov 2006)


  I have been trading off and on for about 2 years, and not successfully at all. I really did not know how to trade although I thought I did. I traded using indicators and as a result, I made some money, but lost more. Not one to give up, I kept at it. Then a few months ago I came across a demo room sponsored by Ace. I couldn't believe how he was able to pick the tops and bottoms of the market with such accuracy, and without indicators. Needless to say, I signed up for his course. I am now making money, but more important, I am learning to trade like a pro. His methods of chart diagnostics  as well as his money management and chart reading techniques have built my confidence to the point where I am not afraid to "pull the trigger". He is absolutely the best.



Hi Ace:

I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for your mentorship.

I've been trading several years and have always relied on indicators. When I came across your information, I have to admit I was a little shocked that you used NO indicators. Well, I took the plunge and learned with you -- and seriously -- it only took a day to realize you knew exactly what you were talking about! Little by little I started getting rid of my indicators. It's hard letting go of something you've relied so heavily on. My trading is much more stress-free now. My charts are clean and I just had another great day -- and it's still before lunch. I just picked up 4.5 points with no indicators!
I've never met anyone who has their finger on the pulse of technical analysis like you.

Thanks for all your help.
Bob P


 Hi Ace

I have learned a great deal from Ace on how to read charts. Ace is a very friendly and genuine guy who does a wonderful job at teaching how to become a confident chart reader. I like the fact that he uses no lagging indicators and entries that require a very small stop loss. For the first time I feel that I am learning a system of chart reading that will allow me to make money on a consistant basis.

Gratefully,    Kevin H

 Dear Ace

Just a note to say thanks. Over the years (7) I have been working on developing a trading plan based on Technical Analysis and have never been profitable. I have always been able to see the patterns etc, but never been able to deveop anything that consistently made money until i took on your plan. In the last 6 months I have finally manipulated a plan for trading active stocks based on ideas from your trading style and key's that actually works, it gets me into the trend, with targets and trailing stops. Where it consistently makes money and protects the profits. The results are fantastic. At this point the e-minis has been a little to intense ( and wrong time of day / night in Austrailia) for me to trade it effectively but i have something that i have struggled for years and finally have some confidence in my stocks and myself.

Thanks Kathy

Austrailia  Nov 2007 


























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